Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 1)

Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 1)

For gamers who love shooters, these are the free online games not to be missed.

World of Tank Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is an online game released by Wargaming. The game revolves around armored fighting vehicles (tanks, anti-tank guns, self-propelled guns, etc.) in the years of the 20th century. Each player can control a type of vehicle, maybe light, medium, heavy tanks, anti-tank guns and self-propelled guns.

Quake Champions

The most attractive feature of Quake Champions is the powerful fast shooting style, powerful guns that can defeat opponents in the blink of an eye and all kinds of tricks that allow players to perform high jump moves.

Besides building into a mere shooter, Quake Champions also includes MOBA play content to create more interesting and new products. This means that Blizzard’s Overwatch masterpiece will have a new formidable opponent both due to its reputation and gameplay quality.

In fact, right from the time it was introduced, many people have identified Quake Champions as a potential counterbalance of Overwatch, especially when the game is also built with separate character classes, owning the power index as well. as their own skills.

Sniper Fury

In Sniper Fury, players will play the role of a sniper, performing missions to destroy terrorist targets to protect innocent people, to survive and more. Players will be able to use a number of other advanced technology weapons and upgrade them to finish the mission as quickly as possible.

It is known that Sniper Fury also uses the same graphics technology as on Modern Combat 5: Blackout and Gameloft that Sniper Fury will bring stunning visual effects, this is a free shooting game not to be missed on Steam.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) was released on the steam system on August 21, 2012. This game has a realistic first-person shooter style, developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

CS: GO has been significantly upgraded in terms of graphics compared to its predecessors when revamping classic maps; as well as new types of maps, characters, and game modes.

CS: GO has many game modes for gamers to choose from such as placing bombs and hostage rescue. Until now, CS: GO has become an influential to the world. This is really a game that any gamer should try once in a lifetime.