Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 2)

Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 2)

2020 is the year when many new titles are released and are expected by many gamers around the world. In today’s synthesis article, we will present you with the Top 9 best shooting games for PC 2020 that you cannot miss.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you value accuracy and competition in FPS (First Person Shooter – First Person Shooter) titles, then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be a lightweight shooting game for you. for you. The game requires skill level and requires strategy far beyond the other casual shooters on this list.

This is an extremely fun FPS game that you can play with your friends. Freedom to explore the map and find hiding places, then destroy the enemy with fiery gun battles.

There is no question about the popularity of this game. Valorant was developed and launched by Riot Games, the father of the legendary League of Legends MOBA game. As a free online PC shooter game just released in 2020, players will also choose between many characters with different skill branches. In addition to the normal modes, then we can choose from many other entertainment modes play.

To be able to win, a player must have a composition that can combine skills. However, due to the new release, the gameplay as well as the number of characters are a bit limited. However, Valorant will definitely be a good online shooting game for PC. It is loved by most players for many years to come.

Half-Life 2

Talking about influential games, Valve Half-Life 2 was born in 2004. It soon became a very famous shooter monument as we know it. With high-end system requirements, surreal settings, and impressive character sets, Half-Life 2 offers players exciting adventures throughout the journey.

The game shows no signs of being outdated 16 years after it was released. This is the perfect testament to a super classic PC shooter title. According to many players in the world, this is one of the best FPS games created ever.