Extremely attractive free online games for PC in 2020 (Part 2)

Extremely attractive free online games for PC in 2020 (Part 2)


Launched in 2013 and developed by Digital Extremes, Warfare has a high-speed fighting role-playing game with the most impressive graphics.

However, at the time of launching Warframe, it only stopped at “potential” assessment. There was even a time when the community thought that this game would quickly be forgotten. This was due to lack of creativity and innovation from the side of the operation team.

However, until now, Warframe is still alive and well, even becoming a game with a large community on Steam.

The real reason for the Warframe’s complete makeover is that the developer pays special attention to the opinions of gamers. Thereby, they changed the gameplay to be more attractive. The culmination of telling this game to completely transform into Open world role-playing. After an update in 2017, Warframe also gained more sympathy with the community when it was completely free on Steam.

Fifa Online 4

Developed by EA Games, Fifa Online is a online sport game that is so familiar to many gamers. The gameplay of Fifa Online 4 mainly revolves around the sport of the king. Besides, it also simulates the operation and tournaments of the biggest clubs on the planet today.

In addition to the famous players in the current season, Fifa Online 4 is also a great football history museum. In the game, gamers can collect a range of legends of world football.

Along with the free release, the gameplay is heavy on the skill of combining optical tactics with football tactics and does not require configuration too high compared to the common ground. Fifa Online 4 will become a hotly debated topic for gamers after laughter matches with friends.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Normally Call of Duty will be listed as the most expensive AAA games, but with the launch of Warzone survival mode completely free, Call of Duty: Warzone will automatically become a free online game.

The most attractive that gamers can not ignore during the weekend. Besides, thanks to the majestic graphics combined with large maps and diverse weapons systems, Call of Duty: Warzone defaults to becoming the most attractive online survival game at the moment.

However, unlike the above games, Call of Duty: Warzone, although completely free, requires relatively high configuration and takes up quite a lot of hard drive gamers after each update, so gamers You should consider and research your hardware before trying the best free AAA products today.