Top 10 best online PC games you should not ignore in 2020 (Part 2)

Top 10 best online PC games you should not ignore in 2020 (Part 2)


In the genre of unique action-adventure game, Hellblade contains both horror and exploration elements. It attracts players into mysterious battles with many hidden dangers.

In the top games for pc with the most beautiful graphics in 2020, HELLBLADE: SENUA’S SACRIFICE is highly appreciated. Besides, the soundtrack is also the point that creates the attraction of this game by the coordination with the context and content, challenging the brave warriors.


Battlefield Company 2 attracts players with fresh content, keeping gamers with realistic tunes, different from traditional shooting fighting games.

The game has the same genre with famous fighting games such as PUBG, CS: GO, Call of Duty. BATTLEFIELD COMPANY 2 has its color with a variety of extremely rich equipment for you to choose from. The sound of the game is also very authentic, giving the player a fierce feeling when fighting.

Battlefield Company 2 attracts players with fresh content

Battlefield Company 2 is suitable for multiplayer with World War I content. It provides a variety of game modes and weapons for you to choose from.

6. Call of Duty: Warzone

When it was just released, Call of Duty Warzone quickly owns a huge number of player. Although this is not the first time COD has released, this is probably the first part to be released for free on the stores and as hot as the previous versions. Come on, even slightly better.

Call of Duty Warzone is a survival shooter game with a total of 12 maps playing in multiple modes and up to 8 classes of characters in survival mode for you to freely choose and challenge yourself in different roles in-game.

Currently, Call of Duty: Warzone is popular in the gaming community today and is highly appreciated as well as has a very future development in the eSport industry.