Top 10 best online PC games you should not ignore in 2020 (Part 3)

Top 10 best online PC games you should not ignore in 2020 (Part 3)

7. Fortnite

Fornite is ranked on par with famous titles like PUBG, Apex Legend, or Call of Duty Warzone. This is also a survival shooter game, but richer in gameplay when you not only have to shoot, run, and spend. Kill the enemies and win but you can also use the materials in the map to create shields/obstacles to dodge or obstruct the enemy.

Fornite is a good survival shooter game

This makes Fortnite more difficult to play than other games because you have to use both reflexes, imagination, and calculations to make the ingredients as well as calculate the construction to be reasonable and promote the best effect.

Besides, the weapon system is also very interesting by adding both the right tools to exploit and build alongside the main weapons that cause damage. Perhaps this is also the reason why Fortnite is a rather picky game for players, but if you love and plow Fortnite, you must be “big hands” in similar games.

8. Half-life: Alyx

Surely no one is unfamiliar with the legendary game accompanying many of these people’s “noon noon” childhoods, Half-life: Alyx is the latest part released in 2020 with a new storyline and changes. New in many parts from gameplay to weapon systems and missions. Even in this new version, Half-life also has a lot of results so that players can play again and again without getting bored.

The legend returns after 16 years of absence are also 16 years that the gamers around the world have waited, and clearly, Half-life: Alyx did not disappoint fans with a series of compliments and comments on reputable ranking pages. If you have not played this game then it is a big shortcoming.


DOOM is not only a war between humanity and space monsters but also a war that opens the era of FPS games, a revolutionary war that changes the entire gaming community.

This game has a storyline similar to the blockbuster action movies on the screen that you are still admiring and thrilling to watch, but instead of standing outside to watch you will become a key character in the story and experience the true sense of DOOM.