2 online games worth playing are getting cold

2 online games worth playing are getting cold

The online games have a fast tempo, helping gamers brainstorm as well as warm people in the windy days.

Black Squad

Previously, the Black Squad, called Viper Circle, once impressed when newly introduced with a beautiful graphics platform, developed on the basis of Unreal Engine 3 technology.

In the gameplay of the Black Squad, the most attractive point is the high-speed action with a very attractive gun battle. Gamers can easily switch from a 3rd view to first view and vice versa. This mechanism helps gamers more comfortable while bringing action to the game.

In the Black Squad, players will be involved in the conflict between the three sides, the Pacific Defense System (PDS) dominates Asia, the Eon Industry Union (EIU) takes control in North America and Europe. Meanwhile, a third party named Dominance chose the black continent as a base. All three will have bloody conflicts to gain control of the most valuable resource, oil, which is running out by 2027.


Bless combines 2 types of target and non-target in the team fight. Depending on the different character classes and skills that the player can launch skills in each style, there will be skills that are required to target while having skills that are non-target. The remarkable thing about Bless Online’s fighting style is that players can also use skills with 2 mouse buttons, not just using hotkeys on the keyboard like many other online games.

The skill system in Bless Online also has its own differences. Players can put up to 12 skills on the interface. Besides, they will be able to choose to use up to 4 Passive Skills by selecting them in the skill panel. In addition, each character class possesses its own Aura Skill and Lifesaver Skill, which can help you increase your character’s stat points as well as your HP.

The mission system in Bless is mostly like many other online games with the story mission accompanied by thousands of side quests. The main tasks in Bless are still going to kill monsters, collect items, run from place to place…

Produced for up to 5 years and using only Unreal Engine 3, Bless Online still owns beautiful graphics and is considered one of the most beautiful online games today.