If Uncharted 5 launches, these are the things gamers expect (Part 2)

If Uncharted 5 launches, these are the things gamers expect (Part 2)

And here are five things most players don’t want to appear in Uncharted 5.

1. A Reboot

Reboot can make a good solution for the whole series because looking at God Of War, though it is a sequel to the series, it is considered a successful reboot of the top fantasy series. For Uncharted, however, remaking the game is a remake of a completely new Nathan Drake, and will be difficult not only for the production and character design, but also for Nolan North. This is the familiar voice actor for Nathan when he will not have ability to play Nathan anymore.

2. The item has no value

Uncharted always contains a lot of hidden items or treasures that players will have a hard time finding it and then realize they do not have much influence on the game. Therefore, Uncharted 5 should find ways to create more motivation so that players can devote themselves to finding hidden treasures, as well as making these items with special values ​​or effects on gameplay or another aspect of a character.

3. A dark tone

If the series starts again, the game should still keep the bright colors seen in the previous four installments. Of course, the game will still have dark moments, but Uncharted should not be prone to cruelty and violence. A bright theme, an adventure with many difficulties and arduous directions towards the ancient throne has been something that Naughty Dog has reserved for Uncharted, and also so that this game is not assigned to adults like The Last Of Us.

4. Long flashbacks

One of the weaknesses of the game Uncharted lies in the pace of the game when long flashbacks affect the appeal of the game’s storyline. These problems also make players feel dragged as well as almost want to skip to the future with the story is thrilling.

5. Nathan Drake

Nearly all of the time of Uncharted has been spent on Nathan Drake. Also, he himself had a beautiful ending in the fourth instalment of the game series. For Nathan, the event that having to give up a travelling life to return to his family is a fitting ending that many players agree. Therefore, Uncharted 5 should not continue exploiting Nathan but should focus on building a new and more interesting protagonist.