What areas of online games will thrive in the future? (Part 1)

What areas of online games will thrive in the future? (Part 1)

Technology has grown at a frenetic pace over the past few years. To get a realistic picture of how technology has evolved over the years, take a look at the game industry.

From the early years of black-and-white 2D games like Computer Space (1971) to the first 3D game, Atari’s Battlezone in 1980 and from the first original shooting games such as Half-Life (1998) Apex Legend (2019), without a doubt, the gaming industry has received a fair share of technological development.

But will technology in the gaming industry peak? If not, which online gaming sector will thrive in the future?

While it’s hard to predict what the future holds for the gaming industry, we can get some clues by analyzing current trends. Here are some areas of online gaming that we hope will gain more traction in the future.

The exploitation of mobile games

In 2018, mobile games accounted for 51% of global revenue from the gaming industry, surpassing console gaming (25%) and PC gaming (24%). Gaming interest in mobile devices is expected to continue in the future thanks to the convenience and portability of mobile phones.

The industry has also witnessed the proliferation of moving smartphones with powerful chipsets like the HiSilicon Kirin 980 that can handle every game perfectly. And that’s not just the usual shooters available on mobile; Gamers also have a fair share of mobile pie, with dozens of casino games now available on mobile devices.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that most of the leading online casinos, such as Casumo, have mobile versions and apps for Android and iOS. Just download the Casumo app, you can play all your favorite casino games, including Dead Books on your smartphone.