Top 4 most powerful Apex Legends weapons

Top 4 most powerful Apex Legends weapons

Apex Legends strategy game is one of the most tactical-oriented survival games today, each character has the skills to play an important role in the squad and the use of weapons and equipment is also important. least.

Below is a list of Top 4 Apex Legends weapons that Taimienphi synthesizes for readers, all information about weapons in Apex Legends that you should know before using, they are all weapons with type high damage and stability.

1. Mastiff

At the top of the ranking is the Shotgun Mastiff, which is a relatively high damage gun at close range with 144 damage to the body and 288 to the head. You can only see the Mastiff in some places because its rarity is quite high, Mastiff is often used in hunting at medium range, taking advantage of narrow angles and corridors to maximize their power.

2. Kraber

Dubbed the deadly gun, Kraber himself is a sniper rifle that can take down enemies with only one attack on body parts, regardless of whether they are fully equipped with helmets and a hat. Kraber deals 125 units of damage and 250 heads will help you kill enemies silently.

3. Wingman

The only pistol on the list has a relatively high amount of damage when fired in the head, Wingman uses Heavy Ammo bullets and deals 90 points of damage when you shoot at the opponent’s head, the reload speed is quite fast and handy.

4. Hemlock

Hemlok is one of the three guns that have the highest ability to deal damage and can fire 3 rounds continuously in one shot. Hemlok is often used at a long distance because of its maneuverability, it is not advisable to face head-to-head at close distance with relatively large, narrow gaps.

 Above is a list of Top 4 most powerful Apex Legends weapons, most often used in the game. The use of guns also depends on each character.