Top 4 mobile shooters with sharp graphics

Top 4 mobile shooters with sharp graphics

Not only have familiar and attractive shooting gameplay, these games also possess sharp graphics on mobile platforms.

Shadowgun War Games

Shadowgun War Games is a mobile game taking the theme of the Shadowgun universe full of chaos but no less attractive. Shadowgun War Game is developed in the style of a multiplayer shooter and focuses on the experience on the mobile platform and emphasizes MOBA properties through building a 5v5 play mode.

The game also offers a basic to hardcore experience, with players battling against other players around the world in unique arenas, maps and events.

Battle Prime

Battle Prime Mobile possesses a beautiful and diverse arsenal, which can give you the freedom of tactical options while enjoying the ultimate graphics background that is not inferior to any shooter.

The game also has many modes for you to choose from, like the type of game that defeats everyone with power like the Hulk, or surpasses it with the speed of Flash. Depending on your fighting style to devise sensible strategies and enjoy the feeling of winning after spectacular gun battles.

This TPS game brings dynamic 6vs6 battles. Where you have to defeat all enemies, get the maximum points and move up to the highest position in the team rankings of the whole server. With great visual effects, characters and detailed design maps but optimized for the majority of mobile devices.

Warface: Global Operations

Just like the original version on the PC, this game chooses the first perspective, giving players the direct gun battle.

Warface: Global Operations has a character system that has a unique appearance and can be customized to your liking. The game also builds a fashion shop system, extremely rich accessories to equip the character and make itself stand out among millions of other players.

Players will try through the familiar game modes and diverse weapons encountered in Warface but with greater customization. The game also opens dramatic action battlefields with a variety of game modes including single or team play. Besides, this mobile version still has the trump card of Battle Royale mode, which was launched late last year for the PC version.

Bright Memory

Besides the mechanics of a traditional FPS game, Bright Memory players can also create smooth combos. The point that impresses a lot of players is the fighting system, beautiful attacks, moving elements and graphics effects.

Completing quests in Bright Memory Mobile, players will receive experience points, used to enhance the character’s skills and unlock extra superhuman abilities.