Top 3 legendary game mods most fever ever

Top 3 legendary game mods most fever ever

In the gaming world, there are mods that still cause fever and many people choose to play more than the original game. There are even mods that have become legends, associated with the memories of millions of gamers around the world.

Join us with those names!

1. Defense of the Ancients – Mod from Warcraft 3

Definitely Defense of the Ancients – DotA is the highest mod game ever, attached to millions of gamers around the world. In 2002, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos was born with Blizzard’s new Map Editor system that allowed us to create diverse and interesting custom maps with different playing styles.

A young developer named Eul created a custom map and named it Defense of the Ancients – DotA and perhaps Eul could not have imagined that 10 years later it would become a legend and make a huge contribution. E-Sports background of the world. Afterward, DotA was developed by Ice Frogs and became an E-Sports division with a prize value of millions of dollars. DotA is also the origin of the trend of popular moba games to appear more later.

2. Counter-Strike – Mod from Half-Life

If in the field of moba we have DotA, then in the first-person shooter genre we have Counter-Strike. CS even appeared before DotA, with AoE and Starcraft becoming the three most played games at the early net shops.

The origin of Half-Life with the game content tells the life of a mysterious glasses-wearing character authored by two authors. Players will split into two camps: Counter-Strike (anti-terrorist), also known as the people Terrorist or also known as the “Pirates”. The team that kills the entire team first will win the match.

The most played CS version about 10 years ago was CS 1.1, later versions like CS 1.6 and 1.7. The map was chosen for two teams to slaughter each other the most, Italy and Deathmatch.

3. Team Fortress – Mod from Quake

Quake was originally a game with only a boring and boring deathmatch game mode, which was later decided to modify and named Team Fortress. Immediately after launch, Team Fortress has received a warm welcome from the worldwide gaming community. The FPS game has been added to a series of attractive game modes such as: robbing flags, different skill classes, and more attractive missions… Even now, Team Fortress 2 is still One of the great FPS shooters.