Top 3 great online games you can not ignore

Top 3 great online games you can not ignore

BLEACH Mobile 3D

Bleach is one of the most popular manga/anime in Japan, and the United States, Bleach is often used as a theme for products including online mobile games. BLEACH Mobile 3D is an action role-playing genre developed jointly by Kunlun – China and KlabGames – Japan based on copyrights from the hit manga of the same name.

Players will together with Ichigo explore this magical world again. Besides, you can freely control other familiar characters such as Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki … It is known that these characters are also expressed by the original voiceover from Japanese actors.

The game possesses a top-notch fighting mechanism, recreating the role-playing style of rolling the scene through the screen with extremely attractive storytelling and content.

Eternal City

Considered to bring great experiences for Manga fans, Eternal City has been carefully invested from content to image, even NSX Game also invited Japanese master musician – Mr. Kawai Kenji to create many interesting remixes. In addition, dozens of famous Japanese CVs like Hanazawa Kana, Uchida Maaya and Kugimiya Rie participated in the voiceover for the game.

Eternal City is a real-time fighting RPG with a diverse collection of heroes as well as a lot of different choices and endings in each level for you to experience.

Dragon Ball: Strongest Warriors

Dragon Ball: Strongest Warriors is a mobile game with a storyline based on the comic series of 7 dragon balls familiar to gamers developed by Chinese Studio called Giant Network and received image authorization from Bandai Namco – Japan Copy.

Dragon Ball: Strongest Warriors will start by bringing players to play the role of Songoku as a child, guided to follow the plot, thereby meeting more familiar characters such as Krilin, or Vegeta, and recruit them as companions.

Not only that, the skills that the player can apply in the game are also almost identical to the original comic books, so it is not too difficult to understand when you will be able to see the common tactics in swordplay movies appearing on your mobile screen.