TOP 3 best online games on the computer you should experience

TOP 3 best online games on the computer you should experience

From the past until now, the online game series has always been the most played game series, from free online games to paid games.

Always, an online game launched has attracted a lot of attention from the gaming community. The following article will list you the best online games on PC.

1. MU Online

This is probably the game that opened the era of online games, MU Online when newly launched, attracted many gamers at that time and made a storm in the online game market in the world for a long time. Until now, although no longer strong attraction as in the past, MU Online still receives much attention from MU Online believers.

2. GunBound

At the time of the swordplay game was popular and even the games of the same genre like MU Online also had a lot of live land, GunBound still emerged as a new breeze for the gaming world in the world, with a guarding gameplay. Different, new and suitable for all ages. GunBound really knows how to attract gamers into exciting matches.

This version has been upgraded with graphics, but retains the classic gameplay of the GunBound PC version, you will still be able to control the warriors, use your skills to adjust the shooting angle based on weather factor, terrain and wind power to destroy the target.

3. League Of Legend

On October 27, 2009, League Of Legends (LOL) was officially released and created a fever in the MOBA game genre on PC, although the graphics of the game at that time were quite simple and incomparable. compared to modern game graphics technology now. But from a small community of players, LOL has grown and become one of the most powerful game genres in the world today.

For gamers, LOL also caused a strong wave when it first launched, League of Legends only has two servers in the US and Europe. Until Garena decided to buy the release rights from Riot game and bring LOL to Southeast Asia server, almost LOL appears everywhere.

With the MOBA new and attractive MOBA game mode, LOL has attracted most gamers who play online games from the time of launch to the present, this game is always changing, creating newness from the generals, looking for new trends for players to learn, creating new ways of playing and harder for gamers to not get bored while playing League of Legends.