Top 10 best online games in the world nowadays (Part 2)

Top 10 best online games in the world nowadays (Part 2)

5. Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an online game where players build a community, train soldiers, and attack other players to get gold, it is designed with cute characters so it is easy to attract attention of users. With this game, players must update regularly to monitor and check the operation process to manage more effectively.

6. Overwatch

This is a game owned by the entertainment company that was released at the Blizzcon event. The game belongs to the first-person shooter genre by team. Players will play one of the factions including warriors, guardians, opposites … with the common task of protecting peace with a team called “Overwatch” – an organization that has been disbanded.

7. Counter-Strike (CS)

Counter-Strike, also known as CS, is in the first-person shooter genre and this is also the best shooter genre. This is also a game that many countries hold awards competitions up to millions of dollars.

8. Call Of Duty (series)

This is a version of the shooter set up on smartphones to be easy for players to use. The content of the game originates from World War II taking place in the modern context. Currently, Call Of Duty has 3 main versions and many other versions for handheld play.

Despite being decryed by the players for unattractive content, the parts played repeatedly, but Call of Duty is still a game that attracts gamers by beautiful graphics, practicality and high authenticity. When looking at the graphics of Call of Duty, if you are a professional gamer, you will certainly have to admit that this is one of the best and best graphic techniques available today.

9. Fifa Online (series)

FIFA is a football game series released under the EA Sports brand.

This is also available in 18 different languages ​​and is sold in 51 countries. As of October 2010, the series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, becoming the world’s best-selling sports video game series, and one of the best-selling video game series with graphics. The most beautiful and modern look today.

10. World Of WarCarft

World Of WarCarft is a multiplayer online role-playing game launched by entertainment company Blizzard in 2004. It is the fourth game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe between Orcs & Humans.