Top 10 best online games in the world nowadays (Part 1)

Top 10 best online games in the world nowadays (Part 1)

If you have free time and are looking for a game genre you like! Let’s find out the top 10 best online games!

In today’s technologically advanced era, finding a very entertaining game is simple and there are many. But to find a suitable game genre, bringing entertainment and cultural sports to the healthy competition arenas, it is not so simple. Here are the types of games that are popular with young people and are dominating the game market today.

1. League of Legends

League of Legends was released in 2009 and has been actively followed by the gaming community, and has become increasingly popular in the years since.

According to a 2012 Forber article, League of Legends is the most played computer game in North America and Europe in terms of hours played. As of January 2014, 67 million people play League of Legends every month, 27 million every day, and more than 7.5 million at the same time.

League of Legends is known as one of the top online games in the world, World Of WarCraft did not disappoint gamers, even though the graphics are old, outdated gameplay, classic pay-by-play payment. . The game still receives the attention of a large number of players around the world and earns a huge amount of revenue each year.

2. StarCraft

StarCraft is a video game of the “military science fiction” category released by entertainment company Blizzard. The first game of the StarCraft brand was released for Microsoft Windows in 1998.

With a story in the 26th century, the game revolves around three races fighting for dominance in a distant part of the Milky Way called the Koprulu Sector, Starcraft is considered to have a perfect balance between races. completely different and require very high control speed from the player. In addition, the strategy of winning fast wins very effectively in StarCraft is also a highlight compared to other real-time strategy games.

3. Battlefield (series)

Battlefield is a first-person shooter video series that started out on Microsoft Windows released in 2002.

This is a game that many countries hold tournaments around the world with many excellent gamers. This is one of the gaming tournament that enhances the culture of every gamer.

4. DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a game based on a famous game mod from Warcaft III and its expansion The Frozen Throne. The game was first announced on October 23, 2010.

With unique ideas, rich and diverse graphics, the characters in the game have attracted the attention of many gamers who love the classic and style of this game. The game helps to improve teamwork, because this teamwork will help change the outcome of a losing battle to a victory.