This game also deserves a Remake (Part 3)

But not so that the game has no limitations (due to the modest technology of the PlayStation at the time) has somewhat affected the potential of Final Fantasy 9.

The world of the game is an overflowing world. flooded with colors and extremely interesting, but due to the limitations of the graphics processing power of the gaming machine, the character model and background is drawn have become extremely old-fashioned, even when the game was released. If we consider the release of Final Fantasy 10 the following year, indeed, that Final Fantasy 9 is somewhat stagnant compared to the time.

The state-of-the-art graphics technology of today will bring the atmosphere of Final Fantasy 9 to its full potential, from ideas of romantic fantasy scenes to nostalgia for a generation of games have long since passed. Moreover, bringing the characters to expressive movements, especially in a witty and touching story like Final Fantasy 9, will make everyone extremely vivid. Only through a demo of Final Fantasy 7: Remake has made many fans wobbly by a supporting character like Jessie. So try to imagine the characters In Final Fantasy 9 also have such realistic and vivid movements. Or even imagine how much more tragic moments in the game will have an impact on the player if supported by modern game development technology?

Moreover, the limitations of the PlayStation audio technology also mean that Final Fantasy 9 lacks voice acting as well as in-game music quality is affected slightly by compression. The symphonic music of Final Fantasy 9 was described by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu as his greatest success. Therefore, the limitation in the ability of the gaming machine to handle the sound has made many music files simplified or compressed to fit the allowed capacity. Therefore, a remake will definitely make the game sound to reach its inherent potential.