The most anticipated blockbuster PC games of 2021 (Part 2)

The most anticipated blockbuster PC games of 2021 (Part 2)

Battlefield 6

According to Electronic Arts publisher, Battlefield 6 will release in 2021. With EA’s focus on Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends shooter, EA DICE’s Battlefield 6 has been pushed downwards by the very strong competition.

Battlefield fans will certainly be a bit disappointed. However, that only keeps them looking forward to season 6 of the series. It is the longest streak ever between the two installments of the Battlefield franchise.

Offering live service could be some of the more advanced features coming to Battlefield 6. There are also multiplayer mode, social interaction, and more.

The release date is not yet set, but the news and many rumors about Battlefield 6 suggest that the context of this game will follow the Vietnam War.

Currently, there is very little information about the game and there are no announcements or trailers yet, but fans are still eagerly awaiting the announcement of the game’s official launch date, more likely to be revealed in the year 2021.

Diablo 4

In November 2019, Blizzard announced the next game in the Diablo series, a game that hopes to give up some of the forgotten aspects of Diablo 3 before. The trailer looks pretty cool too. The story seems to focus on treasure hunters trying to enter a ruined Holy Land, and then stumble upon a portal to hell.

In November 2019, Blizzard announced the next game in the Diablo series

The main villain looks like a demon who isn’t too big, though the great Diablo is also arranged to appear. One thing is certain, Blizzard will embrace the horror side in more detail for Diablo 4.

There’s a bit of a mystery about when the game might be released. Some say 2020, but others imply that 2021 or even later is when the game hits the shelves.

One reason for this delay is because the Nintendo Switch does not seem to make the best game yet. There is no official explanation from Blizzard. Hopefully, gamers will experience new parts of famous franchises.


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