The classic online survival games you should try on PC

The classic online survival games you should try on PC

A good online survival game is the trend instead of the current MOBA game. Their level is very common when there are many favorite gamers and survival game events are held.


Rust is a survival game that was released most recently in the market. After many trials and official upgrades, Rust has gradually changed and has created sympathy in the gaming community.

Survival game Rust simulates life on a deserted island. Players must participate in fierce battles to survive. By fighting and stealing items from other players. Besides the danger caused by humans, there are other natural hazards such as bears, wolves, crocodiles, … always waiting to eat you. So, be really focused when playing this 2019 survival pc game.


Minecraft is a survival game built for the pc that can be said to be the best ever. Despite the extremely simple graphics, the gameplay in the game is something that has not disappointed gamers. According to statistics, the number of downloads of online PC survival games is among the top in the world and the age of most playing from 10 to 18 years old.

This is not just a simple survival game, they have many other recreational activities you can experience such as building a house, creating your own space, raising pets, … and many other actions. Although it is a fighting game, Minecraft does not bring the gloomy atmosphere like other shooting survival games. On the contrary, the graphics are very cute and colorful. It is for this reason that MineCraft is always loved by the young community.

MineCraft is rated by the gaming community as highly creative, something that other survival games cannot do. Coming to the game MineCraft, you will be opening the mind, training the sensibility and ability to coordinate the senses when playing. The game digs deep into the survival world, giving the ability to create a variety of weapons and armor to combat the dangerous forces.

Currently, the game is distributed on all platforms from PC to mobile so you can experience it anywhere.