League of Legends: Top five most badass generals in URF mode

League of Legends: Top five most badass generals in URF mode

League of Legends players are very excited with the new game mode of Riot Games, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) has returned after a long absence.

URF provides champions with rich gameplay, has an ultrafast cooldown of 80% and does not need to waste any energy, for the ability to spam attacks continuously. The match was exciting, fast, and the fighting took place everywhere on Summoner’s Rift. Unlike the previous ARURF, the interesting ability that URF brings is that players can choose their favorite generals.

However, to help gamers decide which champion has a unique, interesting skill set in the next matches, here are five generals with a nasty and strong skillset that you should know:


This is probably the general known for the super annoying skill set, causing many gamers to simultaneously condemn to be removed from LoL. Despite this, Teemo is still a favorite of many people because of his small, cute appearance. In URF mode, Teemo’s abilities are almost always in cooldown, flooding the forest with mushrooms, causing the opponent to be afraid to step out, while providing the player with a certain amount of vision.


This is a hero with a relatively high difficulty with a flexible transformation, requiring players to possess good skills. The general Zed is a mobile assassin that can take down opponents in the blink of an eye, or run away from fights with extremely fast passing skills. Therefore, players need to master this diverse, rich gameplay. However, now in every match, Zed is almost banned in the selection of champions.


If you’re good at playing Lux, you’ve probably heard your opponent complain of discomfort because of the many possessive control techniques, which can bind through soldiers, slow or create extremely thick armor to support teammates and skill sets deal more damage, causing the opponent to evaporate within a single note.


Brand is a general that has the ability to spam continuously, causing much damage to spread or burn enemies’ blood with the hegemony passive. Despite being the General Ap, possessing a lot of magic power, Brand is also extremely strong thanks to the equipment increased blood. This champion makes it very difficult to be defeated.


Top one is none other than the clown Shaco, who is considered to be a hard-to-play general, possessing many diverse and unpredictable play styles. Therefore, in URF mode, Shaco’s stealth or shadowy ability can be used almost anytime. Making the opponent distract whether the fight is a true picture of Shaco or not. The ability to run, solo or push the road is played by this general very well.