Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 4)

Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 4)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you don’t want to look for something as powerful as Counter-Strike and want to find a light shooter game to have fun with your friends, you will not be disappointed with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this is the version that reworked and improved classic of Call of Duty 4 2009.

Call of Duty has dominated the shooter genre for decades because of its gameplay mechanics and realistic graphics. Even the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare version added a free Battle Royale mode called Warzone and it quickly became extremely popular.

Doom Eternal

Hegemony? The devil? Gun? That’s all we can say about the Doom Eternal game. This is the latest game from the blockbuster game series Doom, players will use all the weapons they have to destroy all enemies, including many different types of demons.

At the same time, this is not a game in the slow shooting genre, but the rhythm will be extremely fast. Because just a minute of neglect, you could be interrupted by a large number of demons attacking.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

One of the most influential PC shooters ever created, Halo has completely changed the genre, giving many other game developers new ideas when it created. different shooting campaigns and allowing multiple players to participate at the same time. This game is currently available on PC through Steam, as well as Xbox One.


Contrary to the thinking of many people, Overwatch is not a MOBA game. But here they are a colorful first-person shooter game from Blizzard with many different character classes.

With 12 players divided into 2 teams, you will be thrown into battles full of skills from the players, to be able to win in Overwatch, the players must have a very good teamwork spirit. Therefore, you do not want the squad to consist of only heroes who tend to attack but also have full Support and Tanker.