Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 3)

Free online shooters game that should not be missed on Steam (Part 3)


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game has attracted a lot of players on PC and then Xbox One and PS4. However, PUBG Mobile is a free alternative that provides users with a great experience for users right on their mobile devices.

The game uses virtual joysticks and controls so you can freely control the character at will to defeat other players with a sniper gun. And just like the paid version of PUBG for PC, PUBG Mobile also supports you to play in many different modes.

You can PUBG Mobile in a first-person or third-person perspective. Game maker Tencent has also developed an emulator to allow you to play PUBG Mobile on your PC using a computer mouse and keyboard. And the most special thing is, this is the best survival shooter game for PC that is completely free.

Tencent has also recently expanded the scope of its PUBG Lite release to almost anywhere in the world outside North America. This Lite version was created to reduce system requirements and allow you to easily experience this game on older PCs. Similarly, the PUBG Mobile Lite version is also released to help users have a better gaming experience on old smartphone devices.

Left 4 Dead 2

It can be said that Valve manufacturer knows how to create FPS games, and the title Left 4 Dead 2 has proved that, as they continuously release shooters of many different genres. Different Types. In 2009, Left 4 Dead 2 can be considered the time when this game is the most popular, whenever there will be at least one Left 4 Dead 2 player on the net.

With Zombie shooting gameplay, you will be in control of one of the four characters, then find the way to the exit of each level marked by the red doors. However, things are not so easy, depending on the game screen, the weather will change like rain, night, in a commercial area.

And there are many types of Zombies for players to destroy, including Zombie have special skills. If playing in Versus mode, then 8 players can be divided into 2 teams: Human and Zombie – this is the mode most played by many players today.