5 new content PUBG Mobile may be changed in the future

5 new content PUBG Mobile may be changed in the future

Constantly changing, updating and creating compelling content is a common feature of PUBG Mobile.

So, which points will be put into the game in the future will be extremely interesting to be concerned about. Join us to find out what game fans are thinking about this topic.

1. Upgrade and change Hack/Cheat prevention system

One of the most painful situations today is the situation where the players overflow the data very high. The more popular the game is and the more players it has, the more difficult the Hack/Cheat problem becomes. That has almost become an unwritten rule in the virtual world, especially an extremely popular free game like PUBG Mobile. The appearance of hackers with superhuman abilities has been affecting heavily, becoming an obsession for many other true gamers.

2. New maps

PUBG Mobile is always known for its dedication to investing and constantly updating new things into the game, such as new battle modes, weapons, costumes, features, and especially those that new map. This makes many gamers are guessing what the next new map will be, and does Tencent include Venezia too?

In fact, Venezia originally appeared on the PC version as a map created and designed by the player. This person took the idea from the city of Venice (Italy) to create a survival map with true PUBG quality. Currently, the PC version has never had this map appear, it only stopped at Vikendi.

3. Launching a new game mode

After Team Deathmatch mode is being supported by a lot of interested people, the next question is asked: Will PUBG Mobile launch a new war-style shooting mode?

4. Add new media

Recently, tanks and helicopters are also the names that gamers mentioned many times with the desire to increase the variety and fun for the game.

However, the tidbits of the PUBG PC version with the appearance of the armored BRDM car made many gamers extremely excited and expected. With great protection and great strategic use because you can use it underwater, sooner or later, it is likely that this kind of attractive vehicle will soon be added in the upcoming version of PUBG Mobile.

5. Add new features

Like PUBG PC, it is possible that PUBG Mobile will be added with a new action – hanging on the wall for future updates. This is expected to change the way people travel, explore, and survive, allowing them to climb to places they have not been able to, while increasing the difficulty and complexity of the game in public situations. or evade hiding.

In addition, other functions such as sitting in the driving position and firing a gun, or shooting underwater, are also good features that developers need to think more about.